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Image: NEIL GALL, Watching Me Watching You, 2010, colored pencil on paper

Please join DAM Contemporaries in celebrating the new rotation of the Works on Paper Gallery, Watching Me Watching You. Hear from Modern & Contemporary’s Adjunct Curator of Drawings Julie Augur about her latest inspiration—the legacy of surrealism.

At first glance, the drawings in this exhibition don’t seem to have much in common—some are abstract, some are figurative, and some border on the surreal. Always intriguing, touched with a dash of magic or madness, and often amusing, they elude rational interpretation. Yet, they share one significant link—they all reveal the inner workings of the artist’s mind.

How does one digest Joe Zucker's effortless rambling line drawing of a rollicking rodeo, where horses and riders morph into centaurs and the length of the drawing suggests the throw of a lasso? Compare this drawing to the ephemeral delicacy and precision of Virginia Giles' tiny mysterious invention. And where did Bryan Hunt's balletic twist of a "Venus," John Altoon's gestural pink celebration, and Arshile Gorky's inky black night punctuated with merriment come from? These drawings reveal evidence of wit and humor and inquisitiveness and that special mix of energy that makes them breathe, as if they are watching us as we are watching them.

Watching Me Watching You will be on view thru fall 2011.

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