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Neil Gall
Works 2007-2011

Texts by Nicholas Cullinan, graphic design by Dan Miller


2012. 104 pp., ca. 57 color ills.

23.50 x 28.60 cm

pub. date: January 2012

ISBN 978-3-7757-3298-7

Scottish artist Neil Gall (*1967 in Aberdeen) spells out his ideas in very diverse media. If a certain form piques his interest, he runs it through a multifaceted process, from painting and drawing to photography and sculpture. Since the artist is based in London, everyday life in the metropolis melds into the foundation for Gall’s fascination for the surreal in the midst of social commonplaces. Things found in the streets, plastic toys, useless rubber bands, or handmade products not only function as artistic material, but at the same time reveal the subject: the fantastic facets and shadowy sides of our seemingly familiar world. It is no coincidence that some of his works are named after obscure British science-fiction literature. This monograph presents Gall’s oeuvre, which not only encompasses an immense range of artistic media, but also oscillates back and forth between the greatest possible contrasts of realism and fiction.

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